According to the survey, in the next 10 years, China will build 40 billion square building, with the real estate industry continues to expand, the rapid development of China's prefecture level cities, county-level cities, towns and countryside; China's decoration market is also not to the extent of 20% years of rapid growth. In such circumstances Guangzhou cf a Digital Corporation launched a new "3D machine" entrepreneurial background easily fix! Domestic commercial way hot prospects, so you can not lose.

3D machine

If you are still undertaking door embarrassment, the CF Gen 3D background wall machine is a perfect entrepreneurial projects. Californium Gen 3D background wall machine provides a simple, stylish, beautify the living space and the development of "heavy machine series for the present and future of decorative materials and environment, technological innovation and service. At the same time a californium background wall machine in constantly digging background wall decoration aesthetics, environmental protection and health will also be put in the first lambda, all requirements from the customer perspective, and strive to give customers the best and most professional service experience, to be a responsible brand. What else do you choose to join a 3D concerns californium background wall machine, it is not a big problem. Headquarters issued a series of perfect intimate support policies on learning, meticulous training and guidance, and a service; also take the leading global whole plant output of the entire shop business model, make the investors have no inventory. Californium Gen 3D background wall machine also provides all the information sharing of brand assets for investors, truly reduce the pressure, the risk for investors, the main market promotion.


还在无奈为什么涂料刷出的背景墙无有特色无有立体感吗?在担心成本太高,一幅一平方的墙纸就几千块而不敢使用吗? 选择锎创3D背景墙一体就会省去这些担心,为您打造出世界独一无二的背景墙装饰世界。广州锎创数码等这您的加入!!!